Healdsburg Pickling Company

Tim Gleadall’s passion for pickles started as a child. Every family function featured plates and plates of pickled products. So it’s not surprising that as an adult, he wanted to create his own unique style of pickle.

After years spent travelling the globe with the U.S. Navy, he landed in La Jolla, California, where he began developing his own style of pickle. It wasn’t until he moved to Healdsburg, California, where his passion for all foods developed. He immersed himself in the Sonoma County food industry, working with local chefs and farmers.

Surrounded by good food and good friends, Tim was able to start his own brand, Healdsburg Pickling Company, where he hand-plants, hand-picks, and hand-packs all of his cucumbers. To expand his offerings, he sources the finest, organic, locally grown produce available. Healdsburg Pickling Company products are unique, yet classic.

Products to date include his signature pickles, green beans, garlic, tomatillos, and carrots.